Led by South African-born singer-songwriter, Brian Litvin, JABULANI performs their unmistakable, upbeat blend of South African music genres. Together with energetic, traditional Zulu dancing, providing an entertaining and exciting experience for any audience.

Singing in both Zulu and English, the band’s infectious tunes are a skillful blend of the diverse musical styles rooted in South Africa – Township Jazz and Jive, Traditional Zulu music, and Cape Jazz.

Their beautiful 3 part harmonies are characteristic of music from that region. They provide the listener with a truly authentic experience. Theirs is “Crossover” music at its best.

Brian Litvin and Jabulani perform ‘Asimbonanga (Mandela)’ by Johnny Clegg at a memorial event held in honour of Nelson Mandela.

Brian, an accomplished fingerstyle guitar player, was well known as a protest singer in the dark days of apartheid South Africa. He followed his passion to learn Zulu music, spending endless hours in townships, including the most famous, Soweto, and in migrant worker hostels. This was forbidden under the apartheid law at the time.

He ignored any legal risks because of his love for traditional Zulu music, and his passion to learn from and play music with traditional musicians. These influences are woven into his musical fibre and are clearly evident in his music and song.

JABULANI has performed at multiple festivals including Mariposa Folk Festival (2015 and 2009), Afrofest, Winterfolk, Bana y’ Afrique and the Hamilton World Music Festival.

The band featured prominently at the official Canadian party celebrating Nelson Mandela’s 95th birthday in July 2013 in Toronto. They were part of Tornto’s official Memorial Service for Nelson Mandela on his passing. The ceremony was attended by the Premier and Lieutenant Governor of Ontario.

Brian’s contributions to the African music community have earned him a reputation as a dedicated and passionate musician. He and JABULANI have received numerous accolades for their work, including awards from cultural organizations and recognition from local and international media outlets.

Brian Litvin and Jabulani perform ‘Asimbonanga (Mandela)’ by Johnny Clegg at a memorial event held in honour of Nelson Mandela.